When is the right time for an adjustment?

October 11th, 2019

When is the right time for an adjustment? by Sherry McAllister, DC, Executive Vice President,  Making time for your chiropractic care can be tough. It’s hard to balance another appointment with your busy life. Luckily most adjustments are pretty quick! If you want to make the most of your chiropractic care, it can’t hurt to be a little strategic about when you book an appointment. Here are five opportune times to get adjusted. Before you go to the gym. A chiropractic adjustment loosens up ...

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5 Ways You Could Be Affected by The Opioid Crisis

September 23rd, 2019

September is National Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month. This month-long awareness campaign was created to help fight back against the nationwide opioid crisis. The goal is to raise awareness of nonpharmacological pain management tools like chiropractic care that can help, instead of prescription painkillers. Since the 1990s, when rates of painkiller prescriptions soared, the opioid crisis has been mounting. Now, it is a significant health crisis that can affect nearly every American. No...

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September is Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

September 10th, 2019

You might wonder why, with 130 Americans dying every day from opioid overdoses, F4CP even needs to raise awareness about available drug-free pain management. Then, among all the statistics pouring out, comes one pointing out that less than 20 percent of the public consider chronic pain a major health problem. Chronic pain affects more people than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined, according to the PAINS Project. While it might be easy to dismiss the overdoses as an urban problem confin...

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Protect your back while you exercise

August 20th, 2019

More than 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some time. What can you do to protect yourself from back pain? Exercise! Physical fitness is one of the best ways to protect your back and overall health. Focus on your core and back muscles to keep your spine healthy and active. Are you afraid to exercise because you might hurt your back? Don’t let this fear hold you back. With the proper precautions, you can stay physically active even with back issues. Try these tips: Talk to your docto...

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