2021 Webinars

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Drug-Free Management of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: Advances in Chiropractic Care

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The ECS Role in the Inflammation Process

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Chiropractic Care: A Solution to The Opioid Crisis

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Adjusted Reality

Episode 10 - Mark Victor Hansen - From Nowhere to Now Here

Episode 9 - Robyn Conley Downs - How To Find Calm, Clarity and Joy in Everyday Life

Episode 8 - Crystal Dwyer Hansen - The Bridge From Your Dreams to Your Destiny

2020 Webinars

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Aging Happens: Support Your Muscles and Joints with Key Nutrients and Herbs

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Don’t Let Claim Denials Be a “Pain”

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Relevant Rehab: Lumbar Spine Exercises

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Perform, Recover, Repeat.

Chiropractic Caregivers During COVID

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ChiroSecure's Lesson 3 - Strokes

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Road to the Olympics

Dr. Erica Witter-Davis: Former Olympian & Chiropractor

F4CP Virtual Olympics Launch Party


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