Media Responses

Letter to Wired UK October 2019
Letter to Forbes August 2019
Letter to Washington Post May 2019
Letter to Gizmodo May 2019
Letter to CNN May 2019
Letter to Dr. Oz F4CP Contacts Dr. Oz Regarding TV Segment
Dr. Oz F4CP Responds to Dr. Oz Segment
Katie May Talking Points in Response to the Media Inquiries Regarding the Unfortunate Death of Model Katie May
Reader's Digest - Alternative Medicine F4CP Responds to '9 Plain Truths about Alternative Medicine' Article
USA Today - Medicare F4CP Responds to USA Today Medicare Article
USA Today - Special Report F4CP Responds to 'Under the Knife' Article
Reader's Digest F4CP Responds to 'Alternative Medicine' Article
AARP F4CP Responds to AARP Article
Los Angeles Times F4CP Responds to LA Times Article
Seattle Times F4CP Responds to Seattle Times Article
Sacramento Bee F4CP Responds to "Weight of the War" Article
TIME Magazine F4CP Responds to Understanding Pain, Health Issue
Wall Street Journal F4CP Responds to WSJ Article
Forbes F4CP Responds to Forbes Contributed Article


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