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September is designated as Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month -- a time to build increased awareness of chiropractic care as a first-line, drug-free pain management approach. Register for the upcoming educational webinars, brought to you through the generous support of F4CP Corporate Sponsors.


This is a directory for individuals of licensed doctors of chiropractic nationwide. Doctors of chiropractic are trained in spinal care, general health and are authorized to diagnose and refer patients.


Military Corner

Military Corner

Review the latest research and legislation related to chiropractic care and the military.

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Chiropractic Careers

Chiropractic Careers

Consider a career in Chiropractic, find a college and learn more!

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Employer Outreach

Employer Outreach

Download F4CP white papers, the latest conference schedule and breaking industry news.

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Check out the latest marketing materials available for promotional use.

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Sponsor Materials

Sponsor Materials

Download resources, reports, presentations, pledge sheets and more.

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White Papers

White Papers

Download white papers such as Opioids, On-Site Clinics, Cost Effectiveness and More.

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Athletic Tips

Athletic Tips

Bringing together the Chiropractic & the Sports Community!

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Sponsor Offers

Sponsor Offers

Proudly honoring members contributing one million dollars for chiropractic.

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To learn more about our custom group membership package for clinics, please email Membership Director, Marta Cerdan:

Individual Gold

$ 100 /month

Bronze and Silver Benefits, Plus:

“Box of Gold” Welcome Kit: Includes three printed 18x24 in-office posters, three opioid awareness white papers, three definitive chiropractic resource manuals, a membership card and a thumb drive loaded with customizable patient education PowerPoint Presentations.

Customization of Marketing Resources for Your Practice: Personalize F4CP marketing resources with your practice logo and information.

Targeted Media List Creation: Reach out to your local media utilizing a targeted media list customized for your area.

Social Media Training for Your Staff: Personalized social media training with F4CP staff that will help you and your team successfully create and optimize your practice Facebook and Twitter pages to enhance your audience reach.

SEO Best Practice Guide: Improve your digital footprint by ensuring that your website is following SEO best practices.

Recognition in Chiropractic Economics and Dynamic Chiropractic: Print recognition in the industry’s largest publications to your peers for your contribution toward advancing your profession.

Marketing Toolkits: Tips and tools on how to utilize promotional resources to market your practice effectively in your community.

Current Trending Market Deliverables: Timely promotional resources that are featured throughout the year based on what is trending in the industry to help market your practice.

Individual Silver

$ 50 /month

Bronze Benefits, Plus:

Access to Library of Recorded Practice Progress Webinars for DCs: Watch when you want, where you want, at your convenience.

Access to Library of Recorded Pump Up Your Progress Webinars for CAs: Tune in to archived webinars on the go.

Access to Library of Recorded, Monthly Educational Webinars: View past presentations at your leisure.

Customization of Press Releases and Advertisements: Customize world-class marketing materials for your practice.

Patient Case Studies: Prepared by notable experts suitable for community and professional outreach.

Individual Bronze

$ 25 /month

Enhanced Listing in National DC Directory, which is linked to all national promotions: When new patients searches, will find your unique profile page including headshot, logo and active link to your practice website. When your practice website is linked with ours, the SEO boost will generate increased visibility for your practice.

Monthly Marketing Roadmaps: A month-at-a-glance, week-by-week guide of turnkey practice-building materials suitable for delegation to staff for implementation.

Monday Marketing Memos: Your weekly practice-building action steps in easy-to implement bites.

Monthly Practice Progress Presentations: Fully customizable downloadable PowerPoints suitable for patients and community outreach.

Social Media Accelerators™: Patient outreach that posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with a single click.

Weekly Podcasts: Weekly recommendations and table side talking points to market your practice and educate your patients.

Access to live Practice Progress Webinars for DCs, Pump Up Your Progress Webinars for CAs and Monthly Educational Webinars: Featuring nationally recognized speakers, and designed to improve clinical skills.

Patient Educational Videos: Stream on your practice reception room, post online on your website or social media platforms or add to a community presentation.

Monthly Progress Update - Newsletter & Exclusive Updates: Keep up-to-date with the latest marketing campaigns and news that impacts the profession and your practice.

Access to Press Releases, Infographics, Advertisements, Brochures, Posters, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), White Papers, Tip Sheets And E-Books: Downloadable resources to promote your practice to your patients and your community.

Listed as Contributor on F4CP Website: Recognition of your contribution toward advancing your profession.


$ 25 one-time

One-Time $25 Fee

Access to Positioning Papers and Brochures

Receive Monthly Newsletter and Special Alerts

Eligible to Become A Student Representative for Current Events


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Basic Listing In National DC Directory, which is linked to all national promotions

Monthly Newsletter & Exclusive F4CP News Updates

Access to Live, Educational Webinars

Print Ads (Modification Permitted at Additional Cost)

Electronic White Papers to Help Advocate for Their Practice

Free Non-CE Version of Athletic TIPS™ Certification Program: Become the Sports Injury Prevention Expert for Student and Amateur Athletes in Your Community

20% Discount on the CE Version of Athletic TIPS™ Certification Program

Monthly Marketing Roadmaps: A month-at-a-glance, week-by-week guide of turnkey practice-building materials suitable for delegation to staff for implementation.*

Monday Marketing Memos: Your weekly practice-building action steps in easy-to implement bites.*

Weekly Podcasts: Weekly recommendations and table side talking points to market your practice and educate your patients.*

* Limited access for Group Members


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The comprehensive media campaigns of the F4CP generate billions of positive media impressions for the chiropractic profession. Coverage spans local and regional weekly newspapers to metropolitan dailies, and includes countless social media sites and health-related blogs. To learn more about the exact media outlets, which shared positive chiropractic messages, review the F4CP PR reports.


What our happy customers say
The high achievements by the F4CP in distributing over a billion positive messages on the value in chiropractic care all across our country in 2010 is to be commended and supported. This has never been done before and as a profession we need to make sure it continues and grows. I am proud to be a monthly contributor.

Dr. Michael Hall

The Chiropractic Research and Practice manuscript by Dr. Dan Redwood is just what the profession and the public needs. It is timely, written well and in a style that flows and is easy to understand. Thank you F4CP for making this available for consumers and our colleagues to share with patients. I am proud to be a monthly contributor.

Dr. Ted Carrick

Distinguished Professor of Neurology, Life University

The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA) is a strong supporter of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress. Their mission of positive press for the profession is an opportunity that cannot be missed and I encourage all state associations and doctors, students and vendors to get behind them with monthly contributions.

Dr. Jeff Fedorko

Past President, COCSA

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