5 Ways to Avoid Injury During the Holidays

by Sherry McAllister, DC, executive vice president, Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Be safe while decorating. Lots of Christmas comedies inevitably feature characters injuring themselves while hanging lights decorating their home. It’s funny in the movies, but sadly it’s an all too common occurrence in the real world. If you are hanging lights this year, follow these safety tips. It’s better to go slow and be safe than to risk getting hurt.

Make time for the gym. Who doesn’t love lounging around during the holiday break? Your back and body sure don’t. If you’re feeling sore, or if a persistent pain keeps recurring during your lazy day, it’s time to move your body. Motion is the lotion for your body, and you’ve got to keep it up during the break!

Wear supportive shoes. Holiday parties are a great time to dress up and look great. But those sky-high heels come at a cost. They can cause foot and back pain or even injury. Choose supportive footwear, or bring an alternative pair to switch into when your feet start to hurt on the dance floor.

Watch out for the kids. Playing with your kids, nieces, or nephews, or even grandchildren is part of the holiday fun. But too much roughhousing or active play can lead to an injury, especially a back injury. Show the kids how to play safely and teach them to avoid using your body as their jungle gym.

Be careful outside. If you live in a colder climate, ice and snow are not your friends during the winter. Make sure to clear your sidewalks of ice and snow, wear proper footwear and go slow. If you live somewhere where it’s warm all year round, the rest of us are jealous.

There’s nothing worse than ruining your holiday with an injury or unexpected pain. If you try to stay safe this holiday season and protect your body, you should be able to enjoy all the holiday fun and traditions. If you do start to experience some pain, book an appointment before your local doctor of chiropractic closes up shop for the holidays!

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